GoMentum Station is the Core to an Ecosystem for the Safe Development of Automated Vehicles

AAA Northern California Nevada & Utah has been serving our members and broader communities for over 100 years and our commitment to ensure traffic safety continues to be core to our mission. We see advancements in transportation and technology as an extraordinary opportunity to provide even more value and generate positive impact to our members and the public.

With the ability to test connected and automated vehicle and smart infrastructure technologies at GoMentum Station and deploy them in communities via a range of GoMentum affiliated private-public programs, we can start benefiting communities today.

Our Strategy is Centered on

Connected and Automated Testing

Creating a world-class connected and automated vehicle test bed focused on advancing safety

Consumer Education

Increase the public’s awareness of the safety benefits from automated vehicles

Public and Private Partnership

Bringing public and private entities together to improve safety and mobility for our communities

Our Commitment

With over 37,000 deaths on US roads each year, connected and automated vehicle technology presents an opportunity to potentially save many lives from traffic accidents. AAA Northern California Nevada & Utah sees GoMentum Station as a critical part of our mission.  GoMentum Station enables safe development of connected and automated vehicles and plays a crucial role in achieving our ultimate goal of advancing traffic safety toward zero fatalities and revolutionizing mobility for the next hundred years.

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