V2X Lab

Test V2X technology interoperability on multiple intersections

Test interoperability of V2X technologies

The connected and automated vehicle V2X Lab at GoMentum Station is a state-of-the-art laboratory to test multiple vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies in a safe environment. The lab includes advanced traffic signal controllers, video vehicle detectors, advanced IP switches, traffic signal cabinets and DSRC/C-V2X/5G equipment. The lab is well suited for cities and transit agencies to test applications to enhance safety and reduce congestion on their streets. The lab (shown at the right) has five intersections with three of them operational.

Why use the Lab?

Cities and agencies can benefit from using the Lab to:

  • Perform repeatable tests in a safe environment
  • Evaluate a wide variety of equipment before deploying them on their streets
  • Get training on the latest equipment and technologies
  • Have physical access to the equipment to configure to the tester’s needs

Tests that can be performed include:

  • Transit signal priority
  • Conditional transit signal priority
  • Vulnerable road user (VRU) detection
  • Red light violation warning
  • Signalized left turn assist

V2X Technology

Vehicle-to-everything or V2X technology enables vehicles to communicate to their surroundings including traffic signals, other vehicles, infrastructure, bicyclists and pedestrians. V2X leverages wireless protocols such as dedicated short range communication (DSRC) or cellular V2X (C-V2X) to enable this communication.

Vehicle-to-everything technology has the opportunity to improve traffic flow and enhance road safety, by enabling traffic signals and vehicles to exchange information, such as signal-time and -phase, vehicle position and speed. Sharing this information with non-line-of-sight vehicles can avoid collisions. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that by implementing just two V2X applications we can prevent over 1000 deaths per year.

V2X Lab Details

A typical intersection at GoMentum Station is depicted to the left.

The V2X Lab has controllers, video detection units, DSRC/C-V2X equipment and data switches that make up a modern city intersection. Currently the Lab has equipment from following vendors:

  • Traffic Signal Controllers: Trafficware, Siemens, Intelight
  • On-Board Unit (OBU) /Roadside Unit (RSU): Commsignia, Savari, TraffficCast, Siemens
  • Detection: Iteris, Blue City Technology
  • Switches: Cisco with edge computing capabilities

The Lab provides training in the setup of this equipment as well as tutorials on various technologies. Please check out our training section for more information.

Multiple technologies deployed at the Lab make it easier than ever to find the right technology fit for your needs and applications.

V2X Training

We offer a comprehensive tutorial on V2X technology as well as hands on training on equipment setup.


  • Current transportation industry status and future outlook
  • CAV/AV—differences and commonality
  • V2I basics, applications, and benefits
  • Concept of DSRC/CV2X/5G


  • Traffic Signal Cabinet and Controller setup
  • Signal timing and input to controllers
  • Developing V2I systems environment, including MAP
  • RSU and OBU setup and configuration
  • Privacy and security requirement setup


  • Systems engineering as it applies to V2I
  • Introduction to Agile
  • Overview of safety applications, including but not limited to: Intersection safety;
  • ATSPM/SPAT; TSP/EVP; At-grade crossing
  • Setup and configuration of selected applications

V2X Lab Access

We have flexible rental periods for our customers to access the lab. Some sample use-cases for testing include:

½ day:

  • Live comparison of features, user experience and other capabilities of multiple signal systems, V2I equipment, switches and communication devices
  • Demonstration of signal and V2I capabilities to council members, city managers and other stakeholders

1 day:

  • Learning of V2X enabled signal systems and TSP/EVP setup, and other safety applications of desired system
  • Comparison of features/applications implemented across multiple controllers
  • Field testing of limited number of controller or RSU features

5 days:

  • In-depth verification/validation of desired signal equipment e.g. controllers, DSRC, RSU etc.
  • Comprehensive verification/validation of V2X application system requirements

For more information on the Lab, offerings or to receive a tour of our V2X lab, please contact Gomentum today.