Top 5 features at GoMentum Station for testing AVs


At GoMentum Station, 2100 acres and 20+ miles of roadway are available to our customers to test their ADAS, autonomous and connected technologies, only 65 miles from Silicon Valley. Here are the top 5 features that make GoMentum Station the premiere testing destination for our customers:

#1: Bunker City has it all: multi-directional lanes, various striping patterns, traffic lights, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, and speeds from 15 to 55 mph. Set among hundreds of former munitions bunkers (hence the name), Bunker City proves challenging in many ways, from multipath navigation options to localization in a homogeneous environment.


#2: Downtown is our take on ‘Main Street’ America. From teams’ operational base at our WWII firehouse, vehicles can train on freshly paved streets that mimic a suburban environment. With up to four travel lanes, center turn lanes, on-street parking, bus stops and bike lanes, Downtown will put even the best passenger or delivery service vehicles to the test.


#3: 12th Street – Need a one mile straightaway that looks like every stretch of highway in America? We’ve got you covered. Teams use 12th street to test ADAS features such as lane change assist, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking.



#4: Tunnel Road – Want to challenge your communication and perception systems? GoMentum has two 600 foot tunnels built of two foot thick concrete encased in a sheet of corrugated metal. Stark light contrast at all hours of the day will blind both human eyes and cameras – will your vehicle see the pedestrian crossing at the end of the tunnel?


#5 Kinne Boulevard – Our longest stretch of road at 4.5 miles, Kinne Boulevard offers the opportunity to test continuous driving with various straightaways and curves.

To find our more about the unique features at GoMentum Station contact us to schedule a tour of the proving ground.

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