GoMentum Station Featured In Civil Engineering Magazine

(C. Cardno, 2015) – A World War II-era naval weapons station in California is being transformed into a test facility for the most modern of transportation modes: automated vehicles.

A decommissioned naval weapons station in Concord, California, will serve as a real-world test bed for vehicles fitted with the latest technology, including fully automated, driverless cars. The base features 20 mi of roadway a variety of alignments with intersections, driveways, and railroad crossings, plus bridges, tunnels, and underpasses. Contra Costa Transportation Authority…

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Cardno, Catherine A. “TESTING FACILITY FOR AUTOMATED VEHICLES READY IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA.” Civil Engineering Magazine. N.p., 10 Mar. 2015. Web. 12 Mar. 2015. <http://www.asce.org/magazine/20150310-testing-facility-for-automated-vehicles-ready-in-northern-california/>.

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