GoMentum Station completes major roadway infrastructure enhancements

The GoMentum team recently wrapped-up the second phase of its roadway improvement project. An additional eight miles of roadway was resurfaced and re-striped based on customer feedback, adding even more “real world” challenges for automated driving systems to tackle. New features include:

  • Revitalized “Downtown” zone with parking, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, and a mock San Francisco Airport dropoff zone
  • A one mile straightaway for highway-like driving
  • Three signalized intersections equipped with V2X (vehicle-to-everything) capabilities to test connected vehicles and infrastructure interoperability
  • Areas designed for the use of automated testing targets (ie: pedestrian crash dummies)
  • Two new zones now open for testing including a one-mile loop with elevation changes and corners of various radii and camber.

To get more information on the enhancements or to take a private tour of GoMentum Station contact us.

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