GoMentum Presents at SAE World Congress WCX 2020 Digital Summit

GoMentum Station presents two key papers at SAE WCX 2020, on testing automated driving systems, and on a novel collision avoidance safety metric.

We are excited to announce that research performed by AAA’s AV Testing team, in collaboration with two key partners, is being presented at the SAE World Congress 2020.

Of the many technical standards groups and industry conferences, SAE and World Congress stand apart. This year, in place of the Detroit event, we are excited to support SAE WCX virtually and showcase our research via the Digital Summit.

Both the papers, and their oral presentations, are available for on-demand viewing at the SAE WCX website in the Body / Chassis / Occupant and Pedestrian Safety Structure technical sessions category. 

Modes of Automated Driving System Scenario Testing: Experience Report and Recommendations (SAE Paper 2020-01-1204) 

This research, performed in collaboration with University of Waterloo’s Professor Krzysztof Czarnecki, Michal Antkiewicz and team at the Waterloo Intelligent Systems (WISE) lab, explores testing autonomous vehicles using four different modes including simulation, mixed reality testing, and test-track testing. The team tested UW’s automated vehicle, dubbed “UW Moose”, through six rigorous scenario tests in different modes, and compared and contrasted their benefits and drawbacks. The paper closes with 12 recommendations on choosing testing modes for automated driving systems.

The SAE paper 2020-01-1204 may be purchased here

Development of a Collision Avoidance Capability Metric (SAE Paper 2020-01-1207)

This research paper discusses the development and application of a novel metric for evaluating and quantifying the capability of a vehicle / controller (including a human driver) to avoid potential future collisions. The metric was developed in partnership with DRI, and is applicable to potentially any scenario, including with multiple actors and roadside objects. 

The SAE paper 2020-01-1207 may be purchased here


To discuss these, and other research at GoMentum, feel free to contact Atul Acharya or Paul Wells at [email protected] 

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