CCTA Welcomes Singapore, Australia & New Zealand Tech Innovators to Gomentum Station

Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) Executive Director Randell Iwasaki announced today the addition of two international partners.

A collaborative agreement between Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) and HMI Technologies from Australia and New Zealand was signed with CCTA and GoMentum Station to explore opportunities to work cooperatively on demonstration projects and share knowledge to advance Intelligent Transportation Systems and autonomous vehicle (AV) research.

“We are pleased to welcome two more leading innovators to GoMentum Station, ”CCTA Executive DirectorRandell Iwasaki said. “The agreement with HMI Technologies and LTA not only strengthens the driverless vehicle research connection between government entities and private innovators, it also accelerates developing intelligent transport systems that can be used worldwide.”

LTA began its AV tests in 2015 to facilitate and pave the way for the future deployment of shared autonomous transport modes. Deploying AVs for shared transport will help LTA enhance its first and last mile commute and bring greater mobility to the elderly and other commuters who may have difficulties in taking public transportation today.

Earlier this year, HMI began testing autonomous vehicles around Christchurch Airport, New Zealand, conducted safely on private airport roads. In addition, HMI Technologies is now conducting AV tests in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and has recently announced the manufacture of its own range of AV shuttles, known as OHMIO. Bringing HMI Technologies test vehicles to GoMentum Station is part of HMI’s commitment to activate more autonomous vehicle trials in varying test environments. The driverless mobility revolution is aimed to make road travel more efficient, reduce congestion resulting in less CO2 emissions; and at the same time reduce traffic accidents, fatalities and injuries.