CCTA Announces Baidu as a Gomentum Partner

Baidu, the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, joined CCTA and GoMentum Station’s growing list of international partners to test a fleet of its next-generation autonomous vehicles at GoMentum’s secure, 5,000-acre test site in Concord, California.

“Baidu’s technology achievements go beyond developing search engine algorithms—the company is recognized as one of the global leaders in Artificial Intelligence,” CCTA Executive Director Randell Iwasaki said. “Artificial Intelligence will play a critical part in developing fully autonomous vehicles. As the managing entity of GoMentum Station, CCTA is proud to play a role in Baidu’s autonomous vehicle research and development objectives.”

The autonomous vehicle testing grounds at GoMentum Station contain 20-miles of paved, city-like roadway grids, buildings and other urban infrastructure, providing a realistic environment that will help accelerate the development of automated and connected vehicle technologies. Baidu’s testing at GoMentum Station builds on the testing the company does regularly on public roads.

“The opportunity to test our vehicles at GoMentum Station will ensure that we’re putting only the safest autonomousdriving vehicles on public roads,” said Jingao Wang, Senior Director, Baidu Intelligent Driving Group. “Its ability to offermixed road conditions and various scenarios in a secure environment will provide our Apollo open autonomous driving platform with valuable data to further advance its technologies.”

Baidu is the latest international partner joining the increasing number of collaborators who are signing up to test autonomous technology at GoMentum Station. GoMentum Station was recently designated by USDOT as one of 10 approved autonomous vehicles proving grounds in the nation.