AV Testing Services

Automated vehicle verification & validation at GoMentum Station

Vehicle Validation and Verification Testing Services

For full-stack AV developers, automotive system- and component-makers, simulation companies, and researchers, we offer a menu of simple-to-advanced vehicle testing services, so you can focus on building the most advanced automated driving capabilities.

For GoMentum Station customers, we offer full-vehicle testing service that includes structured scenario tests, quantified results, equipment rental, various strikeable soft targets (such as adult and child targets, animal, bicyclist), crashable soft-car, and RTK-corrected GPS throughout the testing zones at GoMentum.

Structured Scenario Tests

Structured scenarios are an established method to test automated vehicle behavioral performance. Structured scenarios are orchestrated maneuvers of various road actors — such as pedestrians or encroaching vehicles — that allow for repeatable evaluation of a vehicle under test (VUT). These maneuvers are typically based upon either preexisting standards test, naturalistic driving logs, or public databases.  The VUT’s performance within these scenario tests form the basis of its behavioral competencies.

We offer structured scenario tests for Level 2 ADAS, and Level 3/4 ADS that evaluate the following competencies, either via prescribed test protocols or via custom derivative protocols using GoMentum’s unique features:

  • NHTSA Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • NHTSA Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • NHTSA Crash Imminent Braking (CIB)
  • IIHS Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • IIHS Pedestrian Autonomous Emergency Braking (PAEB)
  • NHTSA Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)
  • Euro NCAP Automatic Emergency Braking Car-to-Car (AEB C2C)
  • Euro NCAP Automatic Emergency Braking Vulnerable Road User (AEB VRU)
  • Euro NCAP Lane Support Systems (LSS)
  • Euro NCAP Speed Assist Systems (SAS)

Scenario Testing Equipment Rental

At GoMentum, we use a wide array of test equipment. The below are used in structured scenario testing but can also be rented out on a per-use basis.

4Active Systems – test props
4Active SB Pulley System
Articulated Pedestrian (PA)
Child Pedestrian (PS)
Deer (HT)
Adult Bicyclist (BS)
Ford Fiesta Softcar (C2)

OxTS – IMUs for ground truth and range
OxTS RT-3000 IMU
OxTS RT-Range

RTK-Corrected GPS service across GoMentum

RTK (real-time kinematic) corrected GPS accuracy is used for applications that require higher accuracies, such as centimeter-level positioning down to 2 cm.

At GoMentum station, three OxTS GPS base stations are available. One is fixed at the Firehouse, and covers all of downtown area up to the tunnels. A second base station is fixed in Bunker C on the 12th street. A third, mobile GPS base station (RT-Base S) is available for deployment anywhere in the facility.

The corrections are offered in various formats: RTCA, RTCA2, RTCM, RTCMv3, CMR, CMR+. Update rates vary by format. Corrections are transmitted over Freewave FCR2 900 Mhz radios. Novatel receivers can be configured to receive corrections using NavConnect.

Digital Twin Simulator

Accelerate your ADS development using GoMentum’s digital twin simulator. Take your automated vehicle for a test drive in a realistic, 3D simulated GoMentum environment. Develop and test your ADAS functions, script your own custom scenarios, or test with built-in NCAP-style scenarios from the comfort of your desk.

Right now in collaboration with LG Silicon Valley Labs, we are pleased to share a digital twin simulating GoMentum’s downtown zone.

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