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GoMentum Station in Concord, California

The nation’s largest secure testing facility for autonomous and connected vehicle technology. The Contra Costa Transportation Authority and its partners lead a collaborative effort at GoMentum Station, bringing together automobile manufacturers, communications companies, technology companies, researchers and public agencies with the aim of accelerating the next generation of transportation technologies.

Formerly a naval weapons station, the 5,000-acre GoMentum Station is now the center of cutting-edge transportation research. The innovative technology being explored at GoMentum Station will redefine the next generation of transportation, helping to reinvent the ways we will move through our communities over the next 25 years.

Unique Terrain

Our varied terrain allows for developments in technology to be safely tested in similar conditions found on public streets.

Easy Access

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area enables easy access to the world’s top technology companies.

Research & Testing

Research and testing at GoMentum Station currently include private, shared, and commercial vehicles, in a multimodal environment.

Partnership Model

The public and private sectors get access to new technologies as they are being developed. This helps facilitate informed policy, regulation, and planning.

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