Testing at Gomentum Station

3D Printed Self-Driving Shuttle, Olli, Undergoes Testing at GoMentum Station

Local Motors Partners with AAA Northern California and CCTA to Test Solution to First, Last Mile Commuter Challenge

PHOENIX, Ariz. (October 16, 2019) – Local Motors by LM Industries Group Inc., AAA Northern California and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) are testing an innovative solution to the “first mile, last mile” challenge that many commuters in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the country face on a daily basis. Local Motors is working with AAA Northern California and CCTA to test its electric, 3D printed AV shuttle, Olli, at GoMentum Station in Contra Costa County, with future plans of deployment near transit stations around Northern California.

Olli is an environmentally-friendly, viable and sustainable transportation option for cities, companies, hospitals, campuses and other locations where people need to move from one place to another. The shuttle features cognitive response technology and sensors, and an obstacle avoidance system. Local Motors and AAA Northern California will continue testing for a year before piloted deployment options are considered in Contra Costa County.

“Every city has the same transportation challenges – congestion, pollution and accessibility – and our goal at Local Motors is to provide a simple, safe and effective mobility solution that alleviates some of the pain points for those living in the city,” said Vikrant Aggarwal, President of Local Motors. “With all new vehicle technology, safety is paramount, therefore we are excited to work with AAA Northern California on rigorous ‘real-world’ testing at the GoMentum Station to ensure our shuttles are ready for public roads.”

Test engineers at AAA Northern California will challenge Olli on the various GoMentum Station tracks and undergo multiple testing scenarios including intersection crossing, interactions with pedestrians, and tunnel driving.

“Driving is unpredictable. Road obstacles, distracted drivers, and unpredictable pedestrians make it difficult to anticipate and navigate the road,” said Ignacio Garcia, Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles Strategy, AAA Northern California. “That is why we believe it is critical to develop safety criteria and test the safety functions of self-driving vehicles. Since the majority of car crashes are related to human error, self-driving technology has the potential to reduce casualties. We are in a unique position to help public agencies and private companies like Local Motors to develop and test self-driving technology safely before it is deployed on public roads.”

“We are looking forward to learning from the testing that will happen at GoMentum Station, and ultimately being able to offer Contra Costa residents a safe, domestically manufactured, electric, self-driving shuttle as a means of travel to help connect them to transit, medical, and employment centers in Contra Costa,” said Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director at CCTA.

GoMentum Station is the largest closed-course testing facility for connected and automated vehicles in the United States, managed and operated by AAA Northern California. Close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the facility provides a range of terrain featuring more than 20 miles of paved roadways, close to 50 intersections, as well as overcrossings, tunnels, railroad tracks and a mini-city. GoMentum Station also has a strong partnership with CCTA and helps connect the public sector to new mobility technologies as they’re being developed. GoMentum Station recently opened a new Vehicle to Everything (V2X) lab to test connected technologies. The V2X lab is equipped with advanced traffic signal equipment such as controllers, Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) and Cellular-V2X devices.

About Local Motors

Local Motors by LM Industries Group Inc. is a ground mobility company focused on shaping the future for the better. Founded in 2007 with a belief in open collaboration and co-creation, Local Motors began low volume vehicle manufacturing of open-source designs using multiple microfactories. Since inception, Local Motors has debuted no less than three world firsts; the world’s first co-created vehicle, the world’s first 3D-printed car and the world’s first co-created, self-driving, electric vehicle, Olli. We believe that Olli is the answer to a sustainable, accessible transportation solution for all.

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